Vin Shambry is an executive producer, artistic director, published writer, acclaimed storyteller, international actor, director, painter, and community builder. He grew up in Portland and has traveled the world as an artist and creator. He performed on Broadway as Tom Collins in “Rent” and recently wrapped filming on “Outdoor School,” a feature film based on his life growing up in Portland and his experiences with housing insecurity. Vin toured and performed with the US State Department Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs Arts Envoy trip to Egypt in 2019. He is passionate about creating a safe space for artists in the Black community in Portland to expand their artistic limits, gather, create, and belong. Vin says, “When you create spaces like this, where artists don’t have to conform or change to fit a particular template, their ideas are free to flow, and their creativity expands beautifully. That is what Historic Alberta House is all about.”