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Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith is a freelance photographer, specializing in documentary portraiture and place. Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Smith’s relationship with photography began early on in her high school darkroom.

At 19 years old, she moved to New York to work in fashion. For several years, she worked as a model in the world’s largest markets, where she was exposed to industry-leading artists and techniques that would later inform her craft.

In 2017, she attended the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication. Applying her previous photography experience through a journalistic lens, Smith soon became a regular contributor to student and local publications, garnering a Hearst Award nomination, and a Charles Snowden Internship. In 2020, Smith graduated with honors from the University of Oregon with a BA in journalism and a minor in art. 

Outside of photography, Smith is an avid forager, wine connoisseur, and budding home chef. Learn more at

Iris Hu

Iris is the lifestyle and documentary photographer behind Light By Iris Photography. She does commercial, family, wedding, and branding photography. She’s based in Portland, Oregon, but mainly does sessions all over the states. She’s recognized as the Top 1 Lifestyle Family Photographer in 2023 through the Lifestyle Photographers Association, a Top 10 family photographer through Click Company, and one of the Top Lifestyle Photographers in Portland and Nashville through Peerspace. She believes in Wabi-Sabi, and this philosophy greatly influences her works. She creates meaningful images that capture feelings and resonate with the heart. She hopes her photos can bring people back to that time and that place, and people can feel what she felt when she took the photos. She’s associated with Click Pro, Unraveled Expert Artist, and Hello Artist — major photography communities. She has been an instructor at various photography conferences and platforms, taught online workshops, and hosted the in-person Finding He(art) Workshop. Learn more at

Frankie Tresser

Born in a small German village, Frankie Tresser grew up in Portland, Oregon, where her affinity for photography blossomed. She was captivated by the camera in 2016, entranced by its power to document and express her view of the world. Trained in fine arts, including illustration, sculpture, and painting, Frankie ingeniously fuses these skills into her photographic work, creating a unique blend of artistry. Her work spans across diverse genres, from intimate portraits to expansive landscapes, from product shots to fashion photography. Each image she captures is imbued with a creative perspective, her keen eye discerning minute details often overlooked. On set, Frankie’s calm and engaging personality radiates positive energy, fostering an environment conducive to capturing genuine, heartfelt photographs.

Jason Quigley

Jason Quigley quit his day job in 2013 to concentrate full-time on photography; specifically portraits, concerts, music documentary, and anything else that’s cool and/or prevents having to go back to a real job. He was born in Klamath Falls, Oregon and lives in SE Portland with his wonderful wife and two daughters.

Daniel Stark

Daniel Stark is an accomplished portrait and editorial photographer based in the scenic city of Bend, Oregon. With an unwavering passion for storytelling through imagery, Daniel masterfully captures the essence of his subjects, unveiling their unique narratives with every click of his camera. Learn more about his work at

Andrew Wallner

Andrew Julius Wallner is an acclaimed and published Visual Storyteller based in Portland, OR. Selections of his work have drawn attention locally and internationally and can be found in publications such as Rolling Stone, Washington Post, The Oregonian, and numerous others online. 

His creative pursuits span as wide as his personal interests, with an approach to visual storytelling that emphasizes the importance of the story, purpose, or soul that informs the creation of the art–why it matters–over all else. 

Guided by this intention, he leverages intuition ‘in the moment’ to truly capture the moments that matter, believing this approach is necessary in order to truly elevate a story into a spectacle. 

He lives and works in downtown Portland on the Willamette River with his pet doodle, Clave.

Learn more about Andrew or Story to Spectacle at

Jim Lommasson

Jim Lommasson is a freelance photographer living in Portland. Lommasson received the Dorothea Lange–Paul Taylor Prize from The Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University for his first book, “Shadow Boxers.” Lommasson’s next book “Oaks Park Pentimeno: Hidden Treasures Revealed” is about paintings on the Oaks Park carousel. Lommasson’s “Exit Wounds: Soldiers’ Stories – Life After Iraq and Afghanistan” is about American Veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. Lommasson “What We Carried: Fragments and Memories from the Cradle of Civilization” is a storytelling project with Iraqi and Syrian refugees. “What We Carried” was exhibited at the Ellis Island Museum of Immigration in 2019. Lommasson’s exhibition “Stories of Survival: Object. Image. Memory” about genocide and Holocaust survivors created in cooperation with the Illinois Holocaust Museum. Lommasson’s recent exhibition, “Stories of Survival and Remembrance: A Call to Action for Genocide Prevention” was exhibited at the United Nations in NYC in the Spring of 2023. Learn more at

Katy Weaver

Katy Weaver is a Portland-based photographer with a passion for people and storytelling. She loves photographing relationships; documenting the connection between couples, families, friends, and taking portraits that convey the unique depth of individuals. Katy grew up in Portland and has a BS in New Media Communications from Oregon State University. When she isn’t taking photos, you can find her out walking on Mt Tabor with her husband, baby, and rescue greyhound, birdwatching, or enjoying time with friends. Learn more at

Christine Dong

Christine Dong is a Vietnamese-American photographer documenting the many shapes of the human experience through food, family and culture. Dong lives in Portland or with her camera and two canines. Her work can be found at

Alyssa Teuton

The best moments are captured when you forget there’s a camera around. There’s something magical that happens when you can put your inhibitions aside and step into the realness of the moment. My goal as an artist and visual storyteller is capturing the real and raw moments. It’s the tiny, messy, unapologetic blips that are a true testament to this wonderful life we get to live.

I was born and raised in San Diego, California. But this past year, my family and I took a leap and moved to the Olympic Peninsula. I am now taking a different path in my photography journey and letting my photos tell a new story. I am learning to work with Mother Nature; embracing the rainy seasons, the fall colors, and all of the beauty that it has to offer. Working with local artists, families, and couples has been a wonderful experience and I am beyond grateful for this next chapter in my career.

63 Moons is a tribute to my late father, Eugene Willard Cowell. He had a camera in his hands at all times taking photos of loved ones. His photos always told a story and he typically had one goal in mind, to make people laugh. At 63, he lost his battle with cancer. My business is a tribute to him and his bright soul that will forever shine down on us. One moon for every year he was with us. Learn more at