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A collection of forty of the Pacific Northwest’s trailblazing contemporary artists–the culture bearers of this region’s thriving arts community. Check back every week for the release of the most recent artist profile, culminating in a limited-edition book in 2024.

22 Joe Cantrell

Joe Cantrell and I are sitting in a busy coffee shop in Old Town Sherwood—mid-morning light at the windows, the clink of saucers and cups punctuating our conversation about photography, the inherent wholeness of all things, and seeing beyond our acculturated vision of the world—when Cantrell stops, mid-sentence, and with a quickness that belies his advancing years, is up and out the door. Seconds later, he shuffles back in with a coiled length of rope. Every millimeter, he says, represents one year. “That—” he points near the cut end, to the first of a series of concentric red marks on the rope, “is the flooding of Celilo Falls. That’s the Treaty of 1855. That’s Lewis and Clark. And here’s the first white man to set foot in the Pacific Northwest.”

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