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A collection of forty of the Pacific Northwest’s trailblazing contemporary artists–the culture bearers of this region’s thriving arts community. Check back every week for the release of the most recent artist profile, culminating in a limited-edition book in 2024.

07 Caroline Shaw

In just the last few years, Caroline Shaw has written the score for Fleishman Is in Trouble, released albums with the Attacca Quartet and Sō Percussion, and made contributions as a vocalist and composer to Beyoncé’s Homecoming, Tár, and the podcast Dolly Parton’s America. Add that to her Pulitzer Prize, several Grammys, an honorary Yale doctorate, and more than 100 composed pieces in the past decade, transcending genres from classical to prog rock to cinematic electronic pop. She’s co-composed, with Andrew Yee, a live orchestral score for Wu Tsang’s silent film Moby Dick.

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