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A collection of forty of the Pacific Northwest’s trailblazing contemporary artists–the culture bearers of this region’s thriving arts community. Check back every week for the release of the most recent artist profile, culminating in a limited-edition book in 2024.

28 Jimmie Herrod

“What if I don’t want to yell at the top of my voice? What if I want to be quiet, or intense?” Jimmie Herrod and I are discussing the trappings of fame, even on a small scale. Still perhaps best known for his shining moment when Sophia Vergara pushed the Golden Buzzer on America’s Got Talent, Jimmie’s stages and opportunities as a singer, actor, and performer have expanded exponentially since. When we speak, he is on the road as a vocalist with Pink Martini, a multi-genre, constantly touring “little orchestra” that performs original and cover music around the world. Pink Martini makes big, lively music, and much of the songbook has Jimmie singing full-voiced.

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